You shouldn’t have to live with chronic plumbing problems due to issues deep within your pipes.

Poor water pressure, backed-up drains, and smelly odors could be masking the culprit of your plumbing problem.

Calling a local plumber for a sewer camera inspection could be all you need, to find out an accurate diagnosis and form an effective solution.

1. Clogs and blockages

You’ll most likely assume your drain isn’t working properly due to something clogging or blocking the water waste from draining.

This is one of the most common issues homeowners deal with, but sometimes it is deeper than a snake or plunger can reach.

2. Grease build-up or mold

Another common issue when it comes to slow or faulty drains is grease build-up or mold.

There are many things you should avoid putting down your drain, including grease. It can cling to your pipes and cause clogs.

Even if you run the water after every use to ensure any unwanted substances get washed down the drain, doesn’t mean it won’t cause issues deeper within your pipes.

3. Corroded or cracked pipes

Corroded pipes can lead to cracked pipes and then collapsed pipes. This plumbing problem can cause sewer leaks which are not good for your home or the environment.

It can cause you to have a higher water bill and nasty sewage smells lingering in and around your property.

4. Tree root intrusions

Tree roots can grow directly into or through your pipes. If you have trees near your home, this could be a common issue.

The roots can cause cracks, blockages, and other damage to your pipes, causing your system to become less efficient.

This is a problem that can quickly be diagnosed by having a sewer camera inspection.

5. Collapsed pipes

Collapsed pipes can only be seen when using a camera for inspection. Collapsed pipes can cause severe blockages.

Without a camera, you cannot find the exact location of the collapsed pipe. This will save time and money if excavation work is needed.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, it is important to speak with your local plumbers to form an effective solution to solve your plumbing problem.

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