Bobby L Greene Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co. offers extensive services, including AC repair in Benton, LA. With Benton temperatures topping 94 degrees many days in the summer, air conditioners become critical. Air conditioners not only cool the air but also improve indoor air quality. When your AC unit malfunctions, your family can suffer from breathing difficulties and increased allergy symptoms. One of the most common signs of problems is an AC not turning on. Our HVAC technicians will come to your home and inspect the air conditioner to find the cause. We’ll work to get your cooling system up and running again safely and effectively.

Air conditioners can last up to 20 years with proper installation and maintenance. Unfortunately, wear and tear can occur, causing breakdowns. The most common areas of problems include the blower motor, electric control, and sensor failure. Your AC unit can also break down because of drainage problems or low refrigerant. Our HVAC technicians will inspect your system and give you a detailed report that includes our findings and the cost of repairs.