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Keeping Drains Flowing in Bossier City, Caddo Parish & Bossier Parish

Dealing with chronically slow or clogged drains is frustrating. Additionally, drains with frequent clogs or backups may be an indication of a larger problem lurking in your drain system. If you are tired of dealing with poorly performing drains, call our Shreveport drain cleaning specialists for help. At Bobby L. Greene Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., we provide services to all of Bossier, and we are prepared to put our decades of experience to work for you.

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Signs You Need to Unclog Your Drain

Your drains receive daily use, and though designed to last for years, they do require maintenance and repair from time to time. Intrusion from plant or tree roots, the buildup of grease and sediment in your pipes, and corroded pipes can all lead to a problem with your drains. Knowing the symptoms of a drain problem can help alert you to call a professional drain plumber for drain cleaning services near you.

Symptoms of a drain issue include:
  • Slow or clogged drains
  • Frequent sewer backups
  • Noisy drains or gurgling pipes
  • Strange odors coming from drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Flooding
  • Wet spots in your yard near your sewer line

In addition to helping you with drain repair, our plumbers in Shreveport can help you establish a drain maintenance routine. Staying on top of your drain maintenance can save you money and reduce the chances you'll need to unclog your drain. In addition to extending the life of your plumbing system, you can catch problems and correct them before they become out of hand.

Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe?

When drain clogs appear, the first inclination of many people is to reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner instead of calling a plumber. While this may be a cheap solution, the truth is that liquid drain cleaners may actually end up doing a lot more harm than good, potentially costing you more money down the road. Because these chemicals are so caustic, they could end up damaging older pipes or pipes made from certain materials. These chemicals also only take care of the symptoms of the clog rather than dealing with the underlying issue, which could range from the intrusion of tree roots in your water or sewer lines, or putting the wrong things down your drain. It's always a better idea to leave the job to an experienced professional who can take care of the clog safely and keep it from coming back.

Superior Customer Service Is Our Priority

At Bobby L. Greene Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., we know how important it is to work with plumbers you can trust. Since 1959, we have been proud members of the Shreveport community, and our plumbers provide top-quality services with a focus on customer service. We are a family-owned, local business, and when you work with us, we treat you like family. In addition to offering financing options, we will never pressure you to buy services and products you don’t need. We also offer a variety of discounts such as military discounts, senior discounts, and police and fire department discounts.

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