When you buy a house, you might debate about whether or not to invest in a sump pump. After all, what does a sump actually do? You may question if it’s really worth your time and money.

In fact, a sump pump can give you a solid return on your investment. You may decide to have one installed in your house when you consider what it offers.

1. Prevents Your Basement From Flooding

A sump pump’s most important function arguably involves preventing flooding of your home’s basement. Water that saturates the ground around your home triggers the pump’s function. The sump pump ensures the water gets pumped away from your house into a runoff ditch, retention pond or other location away from the house.

The sump pump also spares you the time, money and effort it would take to remove the standing water in your basement and clean up the aftermath of the flood.

2. Protects Your Appliances

Many homeowners keep appliances like a washer, dryer, chest freezer and hot water heater in their basement. These appliances are major investments and cost a significant amount of money to replace if they should suffer damage.

Even more, warranties on them may not cover water damage, particularly water damage stemming from basement flooding. You may not readily have the hundreds or thousands of dollars you need to replace all the appliances that were damaged when your basement flooded.

Instead of risking your appliances getting ruined in a flooded basement, you can have a sump pump installed on your property. It will keep water out of your basement and ensure flooding does not ruin the appliances or furniture you keep in this part of your house.

3. Protects Your Floor and Walls

When water gets in through the foundation and into the basement or lower level of your house, it can ruin your floors and walls. The drywall and plywood in them can weaken and rot. If this happens, you must have these fixtures torn up and replaced with new building materials.

You may want to avoid the price tag that comes with buying new plywood and drywall. You may also want to avoid the time and work that goes into building new walls and floors. Rather than put these fixtures at risk of ruin because of flooding, you can invest in a sump pump for your home.

4. Protects Your Foundation

Additionally, a sump pump can protect the foundation of your home. Water that surrounds and penetrates the foundation can cause damage, like holes and cracks. This sort of damage, over time, can significantly weaken your foundation.

Water that soaks the ground around your house can also cause the foundation to sink. Over time, your house may take on a slanted look. The only remedy for this problem is to have your foundation professionally mud-jacked, which tends to cost thousands of dollars and takes several days or longer to complete.

Your insurance company may not pay to have your foundation repaired or mud-jacked. You may have no choice but to cover those costs out of your own pocket. If you cannot afford them right away, you leave your foundation vulnerable to more damage until you can save up the money.

When you want to spare your budget and protect your foundation from costly damages, you need to keep water away from it. You can take meaningful action to prevent water damage in your foundation by investing in a sump pump for your home.

5. Prevents Pests

When water causes damages, like holes and cracks, in your home’s foundation, it also allows pests, such as sow bugs and worms, to enter your basement and home. Many types of bugs are drawn to humid and moist conditions. They find these conditions ideal for not only taking up residence but also reproducing inside of your basement.

Once inside, these types of pests can thrive and become an infestation you may find difficult and time-consuming to eliminate. You may also prefer to avoid hiring an exterminator to get rid of them.

To make your house as inhospitable as possible to bugs that like moisture and wet conditions, you can have a sump pump professionally installed. The sump pump will keep water away from your home and reduce its appeal factor for bothersome pests. You may also avoid having to pay out large sums of money to have an exterminator come to your house and treat it for an extensive pest infestation in your basement, crawlspace or other areas.

6. Lowers Interior Humidity Levels

Likewise, a sump pump can make the indoor air in your entire home less humid. Living in a house that is too humid can make you and your family uncomfortable. You may sweat from the excess moisture in the air, and the air inside of your home may take on a dank and musty odor.

Even more, high humidity levels can ruin many of the belongings in your home. It can compromise the condition of the upholstery on your sofa and chairs, for example. It can also compromise the integrity of your wood floors and any wooden furniture.

To protect your belongings, eliminate odors and make the inside air in your home more comfortable, have our plumbers install a sump pump in your home. You’ll eliminate unpleasant odors, protect your furniture and avoid mold growth due to high humidity levels.

7. Homeowners Insurance Requirement Fulfillment

Finally, when your homeowner’s insurance company requires you to take proactive measures to prevent flooding in your home, you can fulfill this obligation with a professionally installed sump pump. Insurance companies typically find floods costly. Your insurer may be less than willing to extend coverage if you live in an area that is prone to flooding.

To prove to the insurer that you can minimize flooding in your home, install a sump pump. Your insurance company may have more confidence in insuring your home for the full value you need or want. You may also get faster reimbursement or coverage for repairs if or when you have to make a claim to cover incidental water damages.

Our Sump Pump Services

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