Even if you recently bought a new heater and AC, you would do well to get annual HVAC maintenance in Shreveport, LA. The experts agree that there are a number of benefits to a heat pump or furnace tune-up that make the initial cost worth it.

For one thing, your system may not last the full length that it should if you neglect this matter. Issues will develop that, unknown to you, could wear out the motor and other components rather quickly. With maintenance, though, you can expect up to 15 years of performance from your heat pump or gas furnace.

With oil and electric furnaces, the number could be 25 years, and with mini-splits, it could be 30 years.

And you will enjoy more efficient performance. In fact, you may notice a decline in your utility bill the following month. Because maintenance will prevent small issues from growing into larger ones, you won’t have to worry about major repair jobs. On top of that, your manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid.