When your drains are working well, you probably don’t think about them too much. But when your plumbing system backs up, drains may be the only thing on your mind. Don’t let yourself end up in that position. Instead, be proactive about keeping your drains clean. You’ll find that there are myriad benefits to regularly scheduling professional drain cleaning services in Shreveport from our professionals at Bobby L Greene Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co..

Flow Improvement

Your drains are designed to allow for the flow of water — the faster, the better. Dirty drains don’t operate as they should. The water may start to trickle away more slowly.

The flow out of your sinks and showers should keep pace with the flow pouring into them. When water pours into a sink more quickly than it drains away, you could end up with a full basin each time you wash your hands. In the shower, you may have ankle-deep water by the time you’re finished. Slow floor drains could leave you at risk of a flooded basement.

If you want to get peak performance from your drains, then you must keep them clean. Regularly scheduling professional drain services will break up flow-hindering blockages. You’ll be spared the frustration of waiting for a poky sink to drain or standing in a puddle of soapy shower water.

Odor Elimination

Buildup inside your drain pipes can be the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Those organisms flourish in damp, dark places. They do especially well hiding in nooks and crannies — for example, in and around the sludge stuck to the sides of your pipes. And when it comes to your kitchen drain, there may be trapped food scraps on which the microorganisms can feed.

Bacteria and fungi are small, but they tend to make their presence known because of the odors they produce. If your drains have been taken over by these organisms, they may start to emit a musty smell.

You might try to cover over the foul odor with candles, room sprays, or air fresheners. That may disguise the issue for a little while, but it won’t get to the heart of the problem. The best way to eliminate unpleasant plumbing smells is to thoroughly clean the drains.

Health Enhancement

Not only do mold and bacteria smell bad, but they can also cause health problems. This probably isn’t an issue that’s going to pop up suddenly. If you’re fine today, there’s no need to worry that tomorrow you’ll wake up with drastic mold poisoning. Rather, you may slowly develop some respiratory symptoms, such as a stuffy or runny nose. The issues may be minor. Even still, it’s best to avoid excessive mold and bacteria exposure when possible.

Noise Reduction

Drains with buildup can produce unusual noises. For example, water may gurgle as it slowly makes its way out of the drain. Inside the pipes, there may be strange sounds like squeaks and cracks. Those occur as the water pushes its way through sludge and slime. You might hear those noises through your walls. Once you get rid of the buildup, the noises should disappear as well.

Pest Eradication

Drain flies are tiny insects that love dirty drains. They thrive in places with standing water and pipe sludge. If your drains have developed a buildup problem, you may start to notice little drain flies buzzing around your sinks. Although they won’t bite you, they can be terribly annoying.

If you have drain flies, you may find yourself searching online for home remedies. Unfortunately, those tips are likely to produce only short-term relief from the problem. To get rid of the flies for good, you’ll want to invest in professional drain cleaning services. That will thoroughly clear your drain pipes and get rid of their breeding grounds.

Pipe Protection

Letting buildup collect in your drain pipes isn’t good for them. It can lead to corrosion of the metal. A corroded pipe may eventually develop a leak.

Once that sort of damage occurs, you may have no choice but to replace the drain pipe. Your plumber may need to swap out a small section or an extended area. Either way, you’ll be facing a repair bill.

Regular drain cleaning serves as preventative maintenance that can guard against corrosion. It can extend the life span of your pipes. Many homeowners find that an occasional bill for drain cleaning is much more preferable than a hefty bill for pipe replacement.

Clog Prevention

One of the most frustrating experiences for homeowners is a clogged pipe. No matter where it occurs in your house, a clog can create an enormous mess. In the kitchen, you might have a sink full of dirty dishwater that refuses to drain. In the basement, you may have a puddle of standing water after a heavy rainstorm. The worst of all is a toilet clog in which filthy wastewater threatens to spill over the sides of the bowl.

You can’t fully guard against any clog that might ever develop, but you can make a good effort to keep clogs at bay. Regular drain cleaning will keep the sides of your pipes clear. Then, waste and water will be able to flow more quickly and efficiently out of the drain, and the waste will be unlikely to get stuck on its way through the pipes.

You may find yourself pulling out the plunger less often. Even better, you will hopefully be able to avoid stubborn clogs that refuse to budge without a plumber’s help. While we strive to be your prompt and attentive local plumbing resource, we know that every single minute without a working sink or toilet can be a hassle.

Damage Deterrent

Overflowing water is an annoying mess with the potential to cause serious home damage. It can soak walls and floors. You may end up with warped floorboards or soggy wallpaper. Plus, floors and walls that repeatedly get wet may be susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

The more water damage you have, the more expensive the repairs will be. Compared to the potential of a high contractor’s bill, it’s much more reasonable to schedule occasional drain maintenance.

Professional drain cleaning is significantly more effective than chemical cleaners or home remedies. You can count on getting thorough, long-lasting results from your plumber. Plus, unlike strong chemical mixtures, plumbers’ drain-clearing techniques do not damage pipes. You will get the best possible results, and you’ll get them in the safest manner. It’s a winning combination that makes professional drain cleaning the top choice for every home.

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