No one likes dealing with unexpected flooding in their home. Unfortunately, there are many cases where homeowners experience water coming into their basements, crawl spaces, or other low-lying areas. A sump pump is a great tool to have to remove this water efficiently and protect your home from water damage.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a small pump that gets submerged in a pit or basin so it can pump excess water from one location to another. These are commonly utilized in homes where basements are known to flood. They can also be utilized in French drain systems to help prevent water from reaching a home’s interior.

When used as part of a basement flood prevention measure, there is a small pit or basin dug below the surface of the basement floor. As water naturally flows to the lowest point, it enters this basin and gets removed by the sump pump.

As the sump pump works, it will pull in water from the basin and pump it to the outside of your home via an outlet hose. This hose is typically run to a safe location on your home’s exterior that is far away from the foundation. Modern-day sump pumps do come with built-in water sensors that will turn on the pump when it senses there is water in the pit or basin. This works to pump out the excess water quickly before flooding starts.

Sump pumps can also be utilized similarly on a home’s exterior to handle excess water removal. If you have a French drain, water from the French drain is diverted into a pit or basin where the sump pump is installed. The pump will sense that it needs to turn on when water levels are high in the pit and pump the water to a new location on your property.

Water in Your Basement

One of the first obvious signs that you’re going to need to get a sump pump installed by a licensed professional is that you notice standing water in your basement. This is most common after large rainstorms or when a large amount of snow melts quickly. As soon as you notice flooding in your basement, it’s time to get a sump pump installed to protect the overall integrity of your home and your belongings.

Bad Ground Sloping

One of the most common reasons that a sump pump is recommended to a homeowner is because the ground around their home is sloped in the wrong direction. This is common in older homes where water accumulation wasn’t thought about as much. If the ground around your home’s foundation slopes toward your home instead of away from it, water will shed toward your basement. You’ll need a sump pump to help remove water buildup in your basement before it becomes a major problem.

Unfavorable Soil Conditions

Another reason that you may want to consider having a sump pump installed in your basement is because you have unfavorable soil. Soil material plays a very large role in how quickly water can drain. Sandy soils are the best material for water to drain quickly. However, soils that have a high clay content don’t drain very well. Water will tend to pool in low spots instead of dispersing outward. It’s a good idea to invest in a sump pump if your home is built on soil with a high clay content.

Finished Basement

Homeowners who have a finished basement and those who are considering finishing theirs have made a sizeable investment. Water damage can create a real problem for all these finished materials, like drywall and flooring. Investing in a sump pump when you have a finished basement is a great way to help protect your investment from unwanted water damage.

You Live in a Wet Region

Another reason that you may want to invest in a sump pump is if you live in a wet region of the country. Places that experience a lot of rainfall or snow throughout the year are more prone to having basement flooding issues. Think of having a sump pump installed as a great way to mitigate your risk of experiencing any harmful effects of flooding caused by rain or snow.

Prevent Water Damage with a Sump Pump

It only takes a little bit of water to do a lot of damage to many materials. When it comes to your home, excess water buildup in your basement can damage any finished materials that you have. Think about your drywall, flooring, and even furniture. Water can wreak havoc on all of it and cost you a lot of money to replace these items.

Even worse, water creates a breeding ground for unwanted mold and mildew growth. If pooling water is left in a location for over 48 hours, it’s prone to creating mold spores that can be harmful to the health of your family. Getting this mold removed requires a professional and can be quite costly.

Boost Your Property’s Value

One of the biggest pitfalls of trying to sell a home is having one that floods regularly. No buyer wants to deal with water coming into the basement of their new home. Having a sump pump installed helps provide peace of mind for new homeowners. With basement finishing becoming extremely popular for boosting living space, a sump pump allows you to upgrade your living space with the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is protected from water damage.

Protect Your Home’s Structure

While it’s easy to think about your roof or exterior siding, these aren’t the only aspects of a home’s structure. Your home’s foundation is a big component of the overall integrity of your home. When water is regularly allowed to enter your basement, it can deteriorate the condition of your foundation. This can result in unwanted bowing and other negative effects that can eventually lead to an unstable foundation. Having a sump pump installed will help to remove any water that seeps into your basement before it can cause any damage to your home’s foundation.

Must-Have Sump Pump Features

Just like many other technologies, modern sump pumps tend to come with great available options that can be extremely helpful for homeowners. A battery backup is a popular feature that helps to ensure your sump pump will still function if you lose electricity at your home.

Dual float switches are another modern feature that is highly desirable. Floats are what measure that water level and tell the sump pump when to turn on. It’s not uncommon for a float to get stuck from time to time. Unfortunately, without a dual float switch, the sump pump may not recognize when it needs to turn on when water is backing up in the pit. With dual float switch capability, you greatly reduce your risk of experiencing a flood due to a sump pump that didn’t turn on.

Call for Professional Installation

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