With all the chemicals and gadgets on the market today, you may wonder which is best to clean your drains. The short answer is none of them. For safe and effective drain cleaning in Shreveport, LA, you can always count on the experts at Bobby L Greene Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co.. Our professional plumbers are highly trained and specially skilled to give you clean and clear drains. Never go it alone. We are here to help.

Why You Need a Professional Plumber

Whether you have a clog or are trying to prevent one, it’s not wise to attempt drain cleaning yourself. There are multiple reasons for this, most of which highlight that you could cause damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let’s dive in and discuss all the benefits of letting us handle your drain cleaning.

Home Remedies Don’t Always Work

You can find dozens of home remedies out there to clean your drains. However, they don’t always work, and you might be wasting time and money. For example, if a clump of hair is blocking your drain, pouring vinegar down the sink isn’t likely to help. Skip the home remedies and old wives’ tales, and call us to get it done right.

Chemical Drain Cleaners May Be Too Harsh

You can find a variety of chemical drain cleaners that claim to eat away at clogs and leave your pipes clean. However, these chemicals are often harsh and can do more harm than good. Some chemical drain cleaners are abrasive enough to damage your drains. Additionally, they may stain your sink if they splash, leaving you with an unsightly mess.

A DIY Attempt May Do More Harm Than Good

Have you ever been tempted to stick a hanger, knife, or other long object down the drain to remove a clog? Just don’t do it. Sticking things down the drain can spell trouble. You may puncture your pipes, causing a leak. If you do this, you’ll have to call a plumber to fix your mistake anyway. So just come straight to us in the first place when you need to remove clogs from your drains.

Plumbers Have Experience and Expertise

Hiring a professional plumber means getting the job done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Our plumbers undergo extensive training and have lots of on-the-job experience in cleaning drains. These experts also know all about plumbing in general, so they can handle any issues that may arise during the cleaning process. You might miss crucial steps when you attempt this, but our expert plumbers know how to clean drains from start to finish without overlooking even the tiniest details.

Plumbers Have the Right Tools and Equipment

If you’ve tried your hand at DIY home projects, you’ve probably experienced the inconvenience of not having the right tools and parts to complete the job. It’s even more challenging if you need parts that require a trip to the hardware store. At Bobby L Greene Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co., our plumbers come prepared, bringing everything they need to provide high-quality drain cleaning service. With this level of preparedness, our plumbers can be in and out quickly without disruptions that prolong the service.

Professionals Save You Time and Money

As discussed above, you may damage your drains and pipes if you attempt to clean your plumbing yourself. If this happens, you’ll have to fork over money for repairs to fix the damage. Rather than risk this inconvenience, let our professional plumbers clean your drains safely in the first place.

Guarantees and Warranties

Many plumbing companies offer guarantees on their work and warranties on certain parts and appliances. We know that our plumbers provide the highest quality plumbing service you can find, so we stand behind our work. Cleaning your drains alone or hiring your next-door neighbor means dealing with whatever outcome you get. If damage happens during routine cleaning, you’re stuck covering the costs of fixing it. Hire a professional plumber to eliminate this risk and pay only for drain cleaning.

Prevention of Clogs

Professional drain cleaning blasts dirt and debris from your pipes, leaving a clear path for water to drain. All the built-up gunk and goo are removed from the drain and pipes, eliminating your chances of a blockage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t need emergency clog removal services any time soon.

Here are some simple ways to help prevent clogs in your drains between cleaning appointments:
  • Use drain guards and sink strainers.
  • Never pour hot grease, oil, or fats down the drain.
  • Flush the kitchen sink with hot water after you wash the dishes.
  • Periodically run ice through your garbage disposal.
  • Never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

What Is Professional Drain Cleaning?

Our professional plumbers use different tools for different steps in the drain cleaning process. If you have a stubborn clog, we may use a drain auger or drain snake to dislodge the debris. We then use high-pressure water to blast all the leftover dirt, debris, and foreign matter from your drain and the connected pipes. Expert drain cleaning removes clogs, build-up, and lingering bacteria in your drains, giving you clear and healthy pipes.

If you already have an obstruction in your drain or pipes, call for drain cleaning services promptly. Delaying service could result in a bigger mess and more costly repairs. A clog can lead to burst pipes and flooding if left unfixed. The water leaking out of your pipes can cause damage to your walls, floors, ceilings, and personal belongings.

Even if you aren’t having drainage issues, our plumbers recommend preventive drain cleaning once a year. Preventative drain cleaning is the best way to ensure your pipes stay open and clean, lowering your chance of obstructions that lead to clogs. With routine drain cleaning, you also have a better chance of spotting other plumbing issues early on before they result in catastrophe. For example, your plumber may spot signs of a weak or corroded pipe or even a small leak that you haven’t noticed yet during drain cleaning. Remember, prevention is the key to a healthy plumbing system and leads to less inconvenience and disruption to your daily life.

Warning signs that you may need professional drain cleaning services include:
  • Slow, backed-up, or stopped drains
  • Strange or foul odors coming from the drain
  • Sewer backups
  • Leaky or burst pipes
  • Gurgling or knocking noises coming from the pipes
  • Flooding near plumbing fixtures and pipes
  • A wet spot in your yard from the sewer

The best way to clean your drains is to hire a professional plumber. Our plumbers are highly skilled and knowledgeable about drains, pipes, and other plumbing issues. In addition to drain cleaning, count on us as your No. 1 plumbing company for leak detection, household plumbing, sump pumps, and sewers. Our dedicated plumbers also install garbage disposals and water heaters for added convenience.

When you’re ready for the best drain cleaning in Shreveport, give Bobby L Greene Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co. a call.

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